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The knights of Val d’Orcia, by bicycle

Michele is glad to share with you his passion for tourism cycling, photography, places of history, nature and cooking. The participants are assigned as “Knights of this Mission” in front of the house of His Lordship Michele. The group, photocamera at hand, discovers, riding on cycling horses the amazing landscapes of Valdorcia and in the trip shoots images and picks wild fruit offered by the earth useful to feed all the village starving population. A complete course of 28 Km and 700 metres with difference of altitude, and of approximate duration of 2h 30m. Following the success of the venture, everybody takes part in a feast with a typical aperitif. At the end everyone will receive the gratitude of his Lordship and a certificate for the shown courage. The Story: 1400: Gino di Tacco, the sanguinary robber, ravages the area preventing the delivery of food supplies to the village: people are starving and the village lordship is engaging braveheart knights to get the food back and save their folks. The knights ride through Valdorcia territories, avoiding to be seen by Ghino. The knights manage, with a wise strategy, to provide everything needed, and return to the village to feast together the mission triumph. Let also you be one of the knights who contributes to feed the village folks and frees them from the terrible robber!

Departure from: siena
Price per person: €95.00
Next departures: 24/08/2019, 31/08/2019, 07/09/2019, 14/09/2019, 21/09/2019,
Duration: 4

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